Ergonomics - Starting With a Keyboard and Mouse

by Ventsy Popov

After spending some time in pains and using different ointments for my wrists I decided it's about time to ease my everyday work with my PC. As a starting point, I began digging throughout the net in search of appropriate ergonomic solutions for a keyboard and a mouse. One of the options was a pack of Microsoft keyboard and mouse (this is not an ad, though I might tend to be a little subjective when it comes Microsoft :)). My choice weighed down that direction even more,  when a friend of mine (thanks Viktor) gave me firsthand positive feedback.

I am happy to brag about my new purchase – Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000: 


And here is what you can find inside the package: 


I also took a couple of shots to see the main idea of how wrists are positioned in a more straightened and restful way:



That was my first step (I intend not to be the last) into comforting my work. What are your tricks for making a comfy working environment?