A Way of Organizing Project Documentation

by Ventsy Popov

Have you ever thought if the way you are organizing your documents works for you and your team? Recently I had to sit and think (and research) of a common structure that on one hand is general enough to work (with minor adjustments) for most of the projects I participate in, and on the other hand is logical and self-explanatory.

Here is what I came up with:

  1. Project Planning
    1. Brief – an overview of the project setting one's focus on the subject.
    2. Specification – definition of the scope and work that has to be done.
    3. Plan – time schedule describing when and what should be done in a sequential manner along with specific milestones.
    4. Roles & Responsibilities – definition of a person's/team's involvement in the project.
  2. Environment
    1. Technical Documentation
      1. Network Access – what credentials and software is needed and how to use it.
      2. Systems and architecture – any specifics about interacting servers or applications.
    2. Rules & Procedures – description of things such as way of time tracking, question escalation, access requests, etc.
    3. Guides/Manuals – any documentation such as user manuals, installation guides, or other information regarding environment set-up or usage.
  3. Project Areas (Modules)
    1. Area 1
      1. Requirements – expectations that have to be met by persons/teams involved in this area.
      2. Processes – description of the steps that are taken for fulfilling the above requirements.
      3. Issues & Solutions – any issue that is found during the process of work and its corresponding workaround (if no workaround, then it belongs to “Questions & Concerns).
    2. Area 2
      1. ...
  4. Questions & Concerns – any open questions that need to be resolved along with obstacles/assumed difficulties or recommendations.
  5. Meetings & Discussions – description of meetings (discussed topics, decisions taken, responsibilities distributed, deadlines that were set, etc.).
  6. Contacts – contact information of the persons taking part in the project.


Reader, do share your thoughts or experience on this matter :).

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