Peek a Boo - Mobile Services and Visual Studio 2013 Preview

by Ventsy Popov
It was not so long ago since GA of Mobile Services (and bunch of other Windows Azure goodies) and now Visual Studio 2013 is knocking on our door as well. For those of us who saw how easy it was to wind a well performing backend, let’s say… for instance for Push Notifications, it might be surprising to find out that things could become even easier. Aiming (probably) at relieving developers from the “burden” of having to go outside Visual Studio to do their job, it is now possible to implement our Windows Azure Mobile Service (WAMS) pretty much entirely form the development IDE.


What I wanted to show is just a quick peek at what we can do with the new version of VS… For example:

 “Add Connected Service” 


Wizard helping you define your WAMS specifics


Customize your service in VS


Customize/Interfere JavaScript for CRUD operations


Launch wizard helping you add Push Notifications functionality


Bottom line - we (developers) have an easier and faster way of doing a certain line of our work. Another way of saying it, is - one step higher to being more productive… Not everything has to be complicated, right?

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