My Windows Store Playing App

by Ventsy Popov

Some time ago I started working on a Windows Store cooking app in Bulgarian. I was eager to play a little bit deeper with the new platform from a developer perspective and see how far a got… Now as the result is evident:  (feel free to give some feedback), I decided to drop a few lines with some of the impressions I got during the process of development.

The tools
As many would suspect, nothing is so significantly changed. We have the commonly used IDE – Visual Studio 2012 with the commonly used programming languages such as C# and C++ (along with XAML), and for the more web oriented guys - HTML5 and JavaScript. Of course there are new APIs with new functionalities, but these are the “goodies” to learn after all :).

Some highlights
In my search for new functionalities, there are a few that you might probably find necessary for every other app you develop:

Also, in my case of an app, I have to download the content from a server, which takes some time for the initial loading of the app. In such scenarios it is good to use the so called “Extended Splash Screen” -, in order to give some visual feedback to the user, telling him that the app is still loading.

Apart from the above, this test app of mine is pretty straightforward. It is working in a passive mode (the user is not allowed to add new recipes), but very convenient for the cooking hobbyists to look at their Windows 8 tablet, displaying the recipe they are currently using for a delicious meal :).

Bottom line – with the ready to use templates in Visual Studio 2012 it seems fairly easy to get traction and create a fairly good Windows Store App. Anyone who is curious (itchy) about it – consider it a small challenge… a game if you would, which will help you learn a few new things.


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