Windows 8 Developer Preview - First Boot

by Ventsy Popov

After watching the BUILD conference keynote and being spammed so much with announcements about Windows 8, I decided to install it and give it I try for myself. Since I didn't wanted to mess with my working machine. On my sight suddenly (and purely unintentionally) appeared my girlfriend's PC. Elected by a majority in the house (me, me, me,.... oh – and me) it was to be immolated in the name of some-not-so-geeky-but-very-deep-sounding reason.

*Side note – no computer was harmed during the down-described process. I can even state that the mentioned PC is now “stronger” after the experience it had.

OK, if anybody bore my jabbering so far, here is a more focused description of my first impressions of the expected new OS.

I. Installation
I followed a very well described procedure from Scott Hanselman to make the installation on a bootable VHD. Here is a quick link: GuideToInstallingAndBootingWindows8... It should not take you more than half an hour to prepare for installation and about as much for the installation process to finish.

II. Loading
When the OS had to load for the first time, the boot manager has been changed for me in order to recognize the two available operating systems (Win7 was the existing one) – coolah! Although it took at least three times more than the speculated 8 seconds, the system was loaded asking me to create a new account. Here was my first surprise – it gave me the chance to create an account correspondent to my Windows Live ID. Later on I saw what could come out of this:
     - Personalize settings for this account, which can be used from another machine of mine.
     - Integrated access to my mail, messenger, skydrive.
     - Keeping me in context wherever my Live ID is needed.
...and leaving the door open for every other cloud service that can be expected to be part of “Windows Live”.

III. Logging
After I logged in – to be honest I had something of an “organizational” shock with all the tiles (instead of windows), which composed my desktop. See what I mean:


However I'll give it a chance, play a little for the next days, and probably write about my (hopefully) interesting findings.