TF30063 Not Authorized Error

by Ventsy Popov

Has anyone used Team Foundation Service and got to a point where he suddenly is no longer authorized to connect to his projects? It happened to me a couple of times and as frustrating it might be, there is an easy solution I found after digging a little bit into the issue. Here is what I got as a message:


At first, I started wondering if something’s messed up my service URI, but this was not it… I tried to Unbind/Bind my local solution and after a few other unsuccessful similar acts it got me thinking in another direction. In my, case I have one Microsoft Account (previously called Live ID) which I most often use, but apart from it, there are a few others for different needs of mine. Visual Studio “learned” about my last successful login with a Microsoft Account different than the one I use for my Team Foundation Service. Logically this got me nowhere near accessing my projects :). What was an easy trick is to open the web browser in VS (View -> Other Windows -> Web Browser) and log out from my wrong account, and after that, log in with the write one. Then, everything was back the old ways…

My guess is some clearing of cookies/history form the regular browser might do the job as well, but haven’t tested this one to be sure… I hope the above few sentences might save some minutes to someone getting pissed off by the same issue…

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